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Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education - Local Plan (PA)

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    State Government

    IT Classification

    B - Readily funds technology as part of an award


    Pennsylvania Department of Education


    The purpose of this program is to develop more fully the academic and career and technical skills of secondary education students and post-secondary education students who elect to enroll in career and technical education programs.

    Allowable uses of funds includes:
    • Involve parents, business and labor organizations in the design, implementation and evaluation of CTE programs.
    • Provide career guidance and academic counseling, which may include information described in Section 118, for students participating in CTE programs that improve graduation rates, provide information on postsecondary and career options and provide assistance for postsecondary students and adults.
    • Develop local education and business partnerships, including work-related experiences for students, adjunct faculty arrangements for qualified industry professionals and industry experience for teachers and faculty.
    • Provide programs for special populations.
    • Assist career and technical student organizations.
    • Provide mentoring and support services.
    • Leasing, purchasing, upgrading or adapting equipment, including instructional aids and publications (including support for library resources) and technical skill achievement.
    • Preparing teacher programs that address the integration of academic and CTE and that assist individuals who are interested in becoming CTE teachers and faculty, including individuals with experience in business and industry.
    • Developing and expanding postsecondary program offerings at times and in formats that are accessible for all students, including through the use of distance education.
    • Developing initiatives that facilitate the transition of sub baccalaureate career and technical education students into baccalaureate degree programs, including articulation agreements, and dual enrollment programs, academic and financial aid counseling and other initiatives to overcome barriers and encourage enrollment and completion.
    • Providing activities to support entrepreneurship education and training.
    • Improving or developing new CTE courses, including the development of Programs of Study, for consideration by the state and courses that prepare individuals academically and technically for high-skill, high-wage or high-demand occupations and dual or concurrent enrollment opportunities.
    • Developing and supporting small, personalized career-themed learning communities.
    • Providing support for approved family and consumer sciences programs.
    • Providing CTE programs for adults and school dropouts to complete secondary education or upgrade technical skills.
    • Providing assistance to individuals who have participated in services and activities under this Act in continuing their education or training or finding an appropriate job.
    • Supporting training and activities (such as mentoring and outreach) in nontraditional fields.
    • Providing support for training programs in automotive technologies.
    • Pooling a portion of such funds with a portion of funds available to other recipients for innovative initiatives.
    • Supporting other CTE activities consistent with the purpose of the Act.
    • Submitting Guideline Waivers for out-of-state travel must be approved in advance and are consistent with LEA performance improvement objectives as outlined in the Local Plan. 

    History of Funding

    None is available.

    Additional Information

    Ineligible uses of funding includes:

    • Remediation of students in CTE programs.
    • Furniture, except specially designed workstations, for supporting instructional equipment or processes.
    • Construct, renovate or remodel facilities.
    • Equipment or supplies not used directly to teach skills to students.
    • Administrative or supervisory salaries.
    • Salaries or wages paid to secretarial support staff.
    • Salaries or wages paid to students.
    • Administrative duties, such as preparing and managing the Perkins Plan. 
    • Conference travel unrelated to career and technical education program improvement.
    • Out-of-state travel not directly related to program improvement activities outlined in the local plan.
    • Routine consumable supplies, except those required to provide additional services to special population students.
    • Instructional costs or tuition of either technical or academic courses used to meet graduation, degree or certificate requirements.
    • Costs of promotional items and memorabilia.
    • Costs of advertising and public relations designed to solely promote the LEA.
    • Funding for adult programs may only be used for adult programs.


    Monique Williams

    Monique Williams
    Bureau of Career and Technical Education
    333 Market Street 11th Floor
    Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
    (717) 346-3188

  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible applicants are:
    • Local education agencies (school districts, area career and technical centers, and intermediate units) that operate secondary career and technical education programs per Chapter 339 regulations.
    • Postsecondary institutions that are certified as eligible by the Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education and operate occupational programs that enroll Pell Grant recipient students.

    Deadline Details

    Applications are accepted until August 30 annually. To obtain "Substantial Approval", local plans must be submitted by June 15 annually. Perkins funds cannot be utilized starting July 1 without "Substantial Approval" status being granted by PDE staff.

    Award Details

    Award amounts vary.

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