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    Fender Music Foundation


    The Fender Music Foundation previously awarded instruments and equipment to eligible music instruction programs. These items were lightly used, blemished or otherwise imperfect and have been collected from manufacturers and retailers. Descriptions regarding the specific imperfections of each instrument will be available to selected programs.

    To qualify as a music instruction program, participants must be learning how to make music. Participants can be of any age. However, music appreciation or entertainment programs do not qualify, and the participants cannot be professional or career musicians. A qualified program must fit into one of these four categories:

    • In-school music classes, in which the students make music
    • After-school music programs that are not run by the school
    • Community music programs, which offer music instruction to community members
    • Music therapy programs, in which the participants make the music

    In addition, the program must have met the following five criteria:

    1. Individuals are not denied participation based on their musical abilities.
    2. If the participants pay to participate, the fee is considerably less than the fair market value.
    3. The program has been functioning smoothly for at least one year.
    4. Each program participant receives music instruction at least once a week for at least eight months per year. (Camps and workshops are not eligible.)
    5. With or without a grant from The Fender Music Foundation, the organization is confident that the program will exist for the foreseeable future.

    History of Funding

    Since 2005, The Fender Music Foundation has reached over 187,000 people of all ages across the country, in cities and towns large and small.

    Additional Information

      The Fender Music Foundation will select programs requesting up to 8 instruments based on their responses provided in the Grant Candidate Form. If your program is in need of more than 8 instruments, be sure to mark Yes” for question # 10 of the form. If your program is selected, The Fender Music Foundation will approve your program for 8 instruments and may choose your program to submit a video application to apply for additional instruments. Please note that marking Yes” for question # 10 will not decrease your chances of being selected to receive 8 instruments.

      Please do not contact The Fender Music Foundation to provide supplemental information regarding your program. All applicants will be evaluated solely based on the information provided in the Grant Candidate Form. 


      M Zuckerman

      M Zuckerman


      Program Staff

      Program Staff
      The Fender Music Foundation P.O. Box 67
      Agoura Hills, CA 91376
      (818) 706-8742

    1. Eligibility Details

      The Fender Music Foundation previously awarded traditional instruments only to music instruction programs that were part of 501c3 organizations or public schools in the United States. 

      Deadline Details

      Fender is redefining its mission to better support music education. Stay tuned for updates in 2024.

      Award Details

      All grants were made in the form of in-kind donations, not a monetary award.

      DJ equipment and computers historically have not been available through The Fender Music Foundation.

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