(HISTORICAL) Nevada Ready 21 (Nevada)

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    State Government

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    A - Primarily intended to fund technology


    Nevada Department of Education


    Nevada Ready 21 ignites economic development by delivering a 21st century workforce, and by ensuring student equity through personalized access to a connected, 21st century education.

    The mission of this program is to provide all Nevada students an equitable, technology-rich education that supports high standards, an engaging learning environment, and the development of the 21st century skills students will need to fuel the economic growth of the state. Furthermore, Nevada Ready 21 will support educators in their efforts to create more engaging and personalized instruction by providing the essential tools and the ongoing professional development to guide their transformation.

    Nevada Ready 21 transforms K-12 education by engaging all students in a personalized, learner-centered education. By purposefully infusing technology into students' daily experience, Nevada Ready 21 teachers will provide students with a 21st century education that builds a vibrant, diverse economy. Every Nevada Ready 21 student will have access to the two most important educational opportunities available:
    1. Skilled educators who value connected, personalized, student-centered learning, and
    2. Continuous access to a personal, portable device that is connected wirelessly to the Internet.
    Every Nevada Ready 21 educator will have on-demand access to sustained professional development, membership to a network of other innovative, Nevada Ready 21 teachers, and essential tools for delivering an equitable, engaging, technology-rich educational environment that supports all students' learning and Nevada's economic development.

    History of Funding

    None is available.

    Additional Information

    The following sections illustrate what a NR21 school will look like. Applicant schools must be ready to implement a learner-centered, 21st century skills-driven school environment if selected. 
    • School Change NR21 will dramatically transform school culture. 21st century learning will shape the student experience, and teachers will become facilitators of personalized, student-centered learning. Technology will play a role in that change as well as the shift in focus toward 21st century learning. Progress occurs incrementally, and will be an ongoing process throughout the NR21 program.
    • StudentsFor today's students to function in a global society, they must be proficient communicators, and collaborators in addition to being critical and creative thinkers. These 21st century skills are crucial for students to thrive in the digital age. NR21 students will engage in learner-centered classroom practices that challenge them to go beyond traditional classroom expectations, and to learn how to process information rather than memorize content. NR21 provides the ability for learners to be ‘producers' and ‘creators' rather than ‘consumers' of information. Nevada Ready 21 supports all Nevada students equitably with access to learning environments that champion students who actively engage and take ownership of their learning.
    • TeachersNR21 will include a teacher professional development initiative to improve student learning outcomes by transforming teaching to student-centered models focused on 21st Century competencies. NR21 PD will focus on supporting teachers to teach for deep understanding of content in ways that enhance real-world problem-solving, critical thinking and other 21st century skills. Through a balance of direct instruction, inquiry learning, personalization of learning, and pedagogies that support student creativity and sharing of authentic work, NR21 teachers create the 21st century learning environment. This will be conducted within the context of effectively integrating technologies with teaching and learning. NR21 teachers must commit to and participate in NR21 PD that concentrates on bringing this about. Teacher leaders will act as resources to other teachers with regard to instructional strategies that create 21st century student experiences.
    • PrincipalStrong leadership is a critical component for the profound cultural shift NR21 will bring to Nevada schools. Principals must lead the charge in promoting 21st century student outcomes by providing teachers with support to shift toward a student centered learning environment. NR21 principals must commit to participating in monthly, online NR21 professional development that will provide in-depth support for school leaders, and will expand the knowledge of principals on the function of 21st century leadership.
    • District CoachesEach applicant school must provide a district coach. The role of district coaches is to provide professional development and classroom support for teachers and administrators that meet the individualized needs of NR21 schools, and to ensure that teachers are prepared to instill 21st century learning practices in their classrooms. NR21 professional development is based on a coaching model. State-level program staff will develop online modules for coaches, teachers and principals. District coaches will participate in a state-run training focused on developing coaching skills in the summer prior to roll-out. Additionally, state program staff will develop online modules for teachers that may be administered by district coaches. 
    • Parents/Caregivers and Other StakeholdersParents and caregivers play a critical role in student success and school change. Technology programs are sometimes challenged by a disconnect between educators and parents that leads to misperception about the role of technology in school and at home. NR21 schools will mitigate this disconnect by holding meetings and classes with parents to ensure they are informed partners of NR21.  
    • Tech SupportSuccessful one-to-one implementation requires adequate tech support. NR21 will provide tech support to schools in the form of depot-based device repairs, loaner devices, request tracking tools, device management, and professional development for school IT staff. NR21 is committed to device reliability and a service level that ensures that no student or teacher is without a functioning device for more than one school day. Each participating school will provide on-site technical support staff sufficient to respond to requests in 24-hours or less.
    • ConnectivitySchools must have a minimum of 100 kilobits per second (kbps) of Internet bandwidth per student available during school hours. A limited amount of funding ($1 million per year) is allocated to assist those schools that are otherwise ready, but lack the bandwidth to participate.


    David White

    David White
    NV System of Higher Education
    Office of Student and School Supports 700 E. Fifth St. Suite 110
    Carson City, NV 89701
    (775) 687-9218
    (775) 687-9250

    Kimberly Vidoni

    Kimberly Vidoni
    Office of Student and School Supports 700 E. Fifth St. Suite 110
    Carson City, NV 89701

  • Eligibility Details

    Any Nevada school district and the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority (NSPCSA) may apply on behalf of its middle schools. For the purposes of this application, the term district” will imply inclusion of the NSPCSA as well as Nevada school districts. Schools may apply only once through their districts' application.

    Deadline Details

    The deadline to submit an application for this program was November 3, 2017. This record is for historical purposes only.

    Award Details

    Approximately $5,500,000 is available in total funding. Award amounts vary.

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